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COVID-19 Update


To our valued patients;

As you are aware, we are in the midst of a troublesome Pandemic.

Last week, the ADA as well as governor Cuomo requested that all dental offices shut down to curtail the spread of this virus for two weeks. This was quickly changed to three weeks, then indefinitely. At this point, it is mandated that all dental offices in NYS shut down except for emergencies.  Anything to the contrary is subject to a fine.  We will of course be available for true emergencies and can be reached directly on our cell 914-400-3767.  We are also available as a prompt on our regular line 914-762-4422.

We wish we had a crystal ball and can tell you that this will be short lived. That is not what they are forecasting.  So please, be careful, stay safe, stay healthy.  Take care of your physical and emotional well being.  

Hoping to see you soon,

Drs. Olivia Masry and Joyce Lockwood