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Briardent is proud to offer family-centered treatment in a compassionate and caring environment. Drs. Masry and Lockwood are dedicated to providing quality dental care to their patients using the most advanced state-of-the art equipment and technology.

We welcome “dental cowards” and focus on providing them with lots of “TLC.” We are proud to welcome a number of third generation patients as some of our long-time patients -- who came to us as children -- now trust us to take care of their children. We believe this says a lot about how we care for our patients and how they care about us.

Dr. Olivia Masry, and her partner, Dr. Joyce Lockwood 
have known each other for many years.  In fact, as a young teenager, Dr. Lockwood was Dr. Masry’s babysitter, eventually became Dr. Masry's dental assistant, and ultimately decided to pursue her own career in dentistry.